Shri Dilipsinh Raje Ghatge Balgram Panhala, District Kolhapur

Located in Panhala, District Kolhapur, the Shree Dilipsinh Raje Ghatge Balgram is a charitable institution established on May 31, 1977. This noble initiative was made possible through the generous contribution of Shrimant Vikramsingh Raje, who donated his bungalow in honor of his brother, Shri Dilip Sinh Raje Ghatge.

The Balgram currently consists of three cottages or Balsadans, which serve as homes for the children. With a total capacity of 35 children, the facility provides a safe and nurturing environment for their well-being and development.



Contact No

+91 9921410749

Sources of Funding

In the framework of the LIFE+ supported project, European Capitals of Biodiversity, thisnbackground document has been prepared by IUCN to support a series of capacity buildingnworkshops for municipal staff in France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain. The successful management of biodiversity often requires external funding sourcesnin addition to local resources. This module outlines some potential fundingnmechanisms for biodiversity-related projects at the sub-national level.

People give money to an institution they know, trust and feel comfortable with. There is often a subjective aspect to funding relationships.nIn allocating funds, donors exercise varying degrees of personal choice.

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