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About Us

Balgram SOS Children’s
Villages Maharashtra

For more than Four decades, ’Balgram SOS Children’s Villages Maharashtra’ a leading NGO in Maharashtra – India has been dedicated to supporting children without parental care. We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality care services that extend beyond basic childcare, focusing on fostering the holistic development of each child that comes under our care. To fulfill this purpose, we have established 5 childcare facilities in the State, in Yerawada-Pune, Panvel- Raigad, Panhala-Kolhapur, Ambernath-Thane and Social Centre Shivajinagar Pune.

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Balgram SOS Children’s
Villages Maharashtra

Founders of Balgram Maharashtra: Eminent Social Worker Late. Shri Daoulatrao J. Jadhav (Ex. Director of State Social Welfare), Smt. Shobhana Ranade, Late: Shri; Athare Patil. With its headquarters in Pune, the SOS International movement first entered India in 1964 and Maharashtra in 1974. In the area of child welfare, Balgram Maharashtra acts as a focal point for Maharashtra’s nonprofit organization. Its focus has been on creating Family Homes (Balsadans) and Children’s Villages (Bal grams) in Maharashtra’s rural and tribal regions. we have established 5 childcare facilities in the State, in Yerawada-Pune, Panvel- Raigad, Panhala-Kolhapur, and Ambernath-Thane

In a Balsadan, where 8–9 children are cared for by one mother, children who are lost in the world and belong to no one are accepted. In these houses, boys and girls of all ages coexist in peace as siblings and share domestic duties with their mothers. Therefore, the broken roots of orphans and underprivileged children are replanted into fresh soil of maternal love. Children benefit from this in order to develop fully and become responsible Indian citizens.

The kids at Balgram Family Homes go to neighborhood public schools. Balgram works to support the kids till they find their footing in life, and our satisfaction lies in knowing that these gifted kids have developed successful lives and occupations. Many of them have found love, protection, and stability in marriage and raising their own families.

Today, thanks to the unwavering support of donors and friends like you, four generations of once-parentless and abandoned children are leading fulfilling lives. They have found a sense of identity, a loving family to call their own, and have become role models for others, actively contributing to society. As we move forward, our primary challenge is to achieve 100% financial sustainability for our programs. We understand that the State financial situation poses difficulties for our supporters, and as India emerges as a self-sustainable nation, we have taken it upon ourselves to cover our costs without compromising the quality of care we have provided for years. In this critical hour, we rely on the generosity and continued support of our friends and supporters. Together, let us change the future of vulnerable children in India and ensure that they receive the care and opportunities they deserve.

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This appeal is made to donors and well-wishers, who believe in sharing their good fortune with others so that the world becomes a happier place to live. These children have a right to grow, obtain education and return to society as responsible citizens, their future now lies in the generosity of socially enlightened persons like you.