Balgram Panchdeep Sankul, New Panvel, District Raigad

On January 19, 2002, Balgram Panchdip Sankul in Panvel opened its doors with a capacity for 30 children. Every child attends a reputable school. The Balgram has three children's homes (Balsadan), Lata Balasadan for girls and Vijaya and Shubhangi Balasadan for boys.

Children are provided with a well-stocked library, computer room, small playground, sporting goods, cultural hall, etc. by Balgram Panvel. This Balgram is managed by a devoted and skilled staff that includes the village director, moms, and counselors. Children are encouraged to compete in academic, athletic, yoga, and cultural events.



Contact No

+91 7208085005

Sources of Funding

In the framework of the LIFE+ supported project, European Capitals of Biodiversity, thisnbackground document has been prepared by IUCN to support a series of capacity buildingnworkshops for municipal staff in France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain. The successful management of biodiversity often requires external funding sourcesnin addition to local resources. This module outlines some potential fundingnmechanisms for biodiversity-related projects at the sub-national level.

People give money to an institution they know, trust and feel comfortable with. There is often a subjective aspect to funding relationships.nIn allocating funds, donors exercise varying degrees of personal choice.

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