What We Do

At Balgram, we are dedicated to the well-being of parentless and abandoned children, providing them with a nurturing environment throughout their childhood. Apart from this core responsibility

Disclaimer : The pictures used on the website are not of the Balgram Children as per The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015

Preparing Young Minds For
A Promising Future

  1. School Readiness

    Child education in India is of paramount importance, especially considering the country's rich demographic dividend that can significantly contribute to its progress. At Balgram, we place a strong emphasis on child education and ensure that children of different ages and learning levels are prepared for formal schooling. We create an enabling environment where children can learn at their own pace, based on their age and individual learning needs. This approach fosters joyful learning and engagement, setting the foundation for their educational journey.

  2. Mitigating Learning Level Gaps

    Children who come to Balgram often have diverse and complex social and emotional histories. Empowering these children requires consistent investment and sustained efforts to build both academic and non-academic skills. We identify children who require additional attention, including those appearing for Board Exams.

    By adopting the age-appropriate learning levels outlined by the National Curriculum Framework under the guidance of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), we provide structured support to bridge learning level gaps. Our dedicated academic mentors and Balgram employees’ develop age and grade-appropriate learning plans, which are regularly reviewed every month and at the end of each quarter. These plans include carefully designed worksheets, assignments, and question papers, ensuring comprehensive learning experiences.

  3. Digital Reading and Learning

    As an NGO focused on child education, we understand the emergence of digital learning in today's world. At Balgram, we introduce children to digital learning early on and offer a hybrid learning experience. Our digital library houses an extensive collection of books ranging from Pre-Primary to University level. In each family home within our Balgram units. Children's Villages, we provide basic computer systems that children can use individually at their leisure.

    In addition to academic books, we offer motivational series, autobiographies, and Britannica series to broaden their reading choices. The volume of available books has expanded to over 8,500 and continues to grow. We have witnessed a significant increase of approximately 90% in the usage of these digital resources. Ongoing efforts are being made to enhance the user interface and overall digital learning experience for our children.


It’s Time to Make This World Better

This appeal is made to donors and well-wishers, who believe in sharing their good fortune with others so that the world becomes a happier place to live. These children have a right to grow, obtain education and return to society as responsible citizens, their future now lies in the generosity of socially enlightened persons like you.