For the past five decades, Balgram has been a relentless advocate for the concerns, rights, and needs of parentless and abandoned children in the country. Our organization upholds a strong commitment to accountability and transparency, evident in our sincere allocation of funds received from our generous donors, friends, and corporate partners. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of financial integrity as we work towards creating a brighter future for the children we serve.

Over the years, we have relied extensively on donations from Maharashtra- India to support our work. As a self-implementing NGO providing long-term care for abandoned children over 24 years, we require sustained support. To continue our work and care for deprived children, we need ongoing support rather than one-time donations.

Your sustained support is crucial in helping us make a lasting impact.

Where Your Money Goes:

Integrated Education Support
Child Family Expenses
Administrative Expenses
Health and Nutrition

It’s Time to Make This World Better

This appeal is made to donors and well-wishers, who believe in sharing their good fortune with others so that the world becomes a happier place to live. These children have a right to grow, obtain education and return to society as responsible citizens, their future now lies in the generosity of socially enlightened persons like you.