Annual Reports


Annual Reports

Welcome to the Annual Reports page, here at the Balgram website. Here, you can explore our comprehensive and transparent reports that highlight our organization's progress, achievements, and impact over the years. Our annual reports provide a detailed overview of our activities, financial statements, and the lives we have touched through our various programs and initiatives. We believe in accountability and strive to keep our stakeholders informed about our work and the difference we are making in the lives of children and families in need.

Feel free to browse through our annual reports to gain insights into our journey toward creating a better future for every child.

Balgram Annual Reports 2021-2022
Balgram Annual Reports 2017-2018
Balgram Annual Reports 2018-2019
Balgram Annual Reports 2016-2017

It’s Time to Make This World Better

This appeal is made to donors and well-wishers, who believe in sharing their good fortune with others so that the world becomes a happier place to live. These children have a right to grow, obtain education and return to society as responsible citizens, their future now lies in the generosity of socially enlightened persons like you.