Success Stories

From construction site to defense department

Anita was brought up in Dr. Hermann Gminer Balgram. She is currently working for a private company as an accountant, and has an extensive experience working with Doordarshan for 4 years and the R&D department for defense for 5 years. Growing up she saw that her family had severe funds crunch, since her mother worked as labourer at a construction site. After learning of her circumstances, Social Center approached her and offered their resources to her. “It is through the joint efforts of my mother and Balgram, that I am able to live a comfortable life now. I got the very first job in my life through the recommendation of Balgram. I started my career then, and never looked back,” says Anita with a glint in her eye. She adds, “I had seen my mother sweat out at the construction site, and hence always dreamt of working in an airconditioned office myself. I am very glad that I was able to make this dream come true.” Though Balgram had limited funds at the time, they made sure that there was no stone left unturned when it came to their students’ education. She stated that she received exposure to vocational training at Balgram and it helped her in her job a lot. She also added that she is extremely thankful for all the things which she ever received from Balgram. Anita feels that a student counselor should visit Balgram regularly, to guide the children and address the mental issues, if they face any.

Anita Dudhmogare (Accountant – Ex-Doordarshan and Ex-Defence Dept.)